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This is a list of Frequently Asked Questions concerning Project Ignis: EDOPro. For a full list of features, check out the README file in your game's folder.

EDOPro is named after lead developer Edoardo "edo9300" Lolletti and is pronounced eh-doh-pro (short e).

Pronunciation (American)

Pronunciation (Italian)

Pronunciation (Australian)

Most elements of EDOPro are customizable to some degree.

You can select from a number of skins in the More settings menu, which can be accessed in EDOPro by pressing Ctrl+O or by clicking the gear icon on the bottom left corner.You can also create your own skins and download skins created by others. If you're interested in creating or modifying skins there are a couple of things you should note:

● Customization of most UI elements will require a skin.xml file, which you can copy from an existing skin. Documentation for the skin.xml file can be found in the README file inside the game's skin folder.

● Files placed in a textures folder inside a skin's folder will be used instead of the default textures. This makes it possible to have custom backgrounds and sleeves for individual skins.

You can also customize music and sound effects by adding/replacing files in the game's sound folder. Documentation of how to customize sound and music can be found in the README file inside the sound folder.

It is also possible to replace the card images in the pics folder with files of the same names (card IDs) if you want alternative or higher quality artwork. We do not provide any alternative card images at this time.

You can find the game folder on Windows by right-clicking the shortcut and clicking Open file location. On macOS, right-click the Launchpad or Dock icon and click Show in Finder.

When hosting a room you can select any of the Master Rules (with/without TCG quirks), Speed Duel, Rush Duel, GOAT, or a variety of custom rules by clicking the Custom button next to the Rule selection box.

Information about the various Master Rules can be found here

You can copy .ydk deck files from the deck folder in your old folder for YGOPro Percy to the deck folder inside your folder for EDOPro. If the copied decks contain cards with beta IDs that have since been updated to official status, then those cards will be missing. In that case you would need to re-add the missing cards in the EDOPro deck editor.

You can find the folder for EDOPro on Windows by right-clicking the shortcut and clicking Open file location. On macOS, right-click the Launchpad or Dock icon and click Show in Finder.

By pressing Normal Summon, Set or Activate, you have already committed to performing the action. This is similar to putting the card on the playing field, declaring a card or effect activation, or sending monsters from your field to the GY to perform a Synchro Summon in real life play. Those actions cannot be cancelled.

However, a new feature added to most cards of Project Ignis scripts' is the ability to cancel certain monsters' pre-Summoning actions. For example, after clicking Tribute Summon on Mobius the Mega Monarch, or after clicking Special Summon on The Tricky, you can right-click to cancel the summoning process. For cards that require you to select multiple cards, it is necessary to unselect all cards you have selected before right-clicking to cancel. Be aware that in all cases, if you have reached the zone-selecting part of the summoning process, it is no longer cancellable.

EDOPro has a new system for selecting Chain Links when multiple Trigger Effects activate at the same time. Previously, a window would pop up where you could assign each effect a Chain Link, then all those effects would be activated at once, in the order that you chose. Now, you're prompted to choose an effect to activate, and the first effect you choose will be Chain Link 1, the next will be Chain Link 2, etc, until all effects that you want to activate have been chosen or there are no other Trigger Effects to activate. Then, the game will move on to the opponent adding Trigger Effects to this Chain, if any.

The reason for this change is that the old system had a number of issues with edge-case rulings:

1) If you controlled multiple copies of a card with a mandatory Trigger Effect that could only be used once per turn (e.g. Heavymetalfoes Electrumite), and one copy had its effects negated, the game would automatically choose which one to activate and could possibly choose the negated one, effectively wasting the effect. Now you can choose which one to activate in this scenario.

2) If you could only activate one effect per Chain (e.g. due to the monster effect of Invoked Caliga or the Pendulum Effect of Amorphage Envy), the old system would allow you to activate more than one Trigger Effect regardless, making the interaction inaccurate rulings-wise.

For desktop Discord users with playing status messages enabled (found under Settings>Game Activity), Rich Presence displays EDOPro as your playing status with information such as what you're currently doing and how much time has elapsed in your current session.

It also allows users to send and join invites directly through Discord. When hosting a room on a server, the upload icon on Discord will change to have a green play button. Clicking that play button in a channel/DM will allow you to send an invite there. Game invites will launch EDOPro automatically (if it has been started once before) and will skip passwords for locked rooms.

Note that Discord is rather fickle and changes this behaviour on us very frequently, so if the game fails to automatically launch, try starting the game manually.

If you have performance issues with this feature, you can disable it in the settings, which can be accessed in-game by pressing Ctrl+0 or clicking the gear icon in the bottom-left corner.

Extra Rules are an attempt to recreate some alternative duel modes like Sealed Duels, Turbo Duels, etc. You can access them by clicking the Extra Rules button when hosting a room. More information about these modes can be found here.

Just like relay races, in a relay duel, only one duelist from a team duels at a time. When their LP reach 0, the turn ends and the next duelist takes over. This game mode was used during the WRGP arc of the 5D's anime. You can play a relay duel by pushing down the Relay button when hosting a room.

Playing a Best of 3 is best 2 out of 3 duels, which is equivalent to a match.

Currently English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, and Portuguese are included by default for menu text. You can switch between these in the More settings window, which can be accessed in-game by pressing Ctrl+O, by tapping with three fingers on Android or by clicking the gear icon on the bottom left corner.

To change the card text, you would need translated CDB files for the language you wish to use, which can be placed in the appropriate language folder in config/languages/ inside the game's folder. We only provide English CDBs as that is our primary language. If you wish to translate the CDB files yourself, you can do so with any SQLite editor. Community language databases may be available in our language channels.

Automatically-updating language-source repositories are also supported since 38.1.0. You can find more information in our language channels. Translators, please consult here for the JSON schema to make EDOPro load this type of repository.

You have a couple of options:

1) Port forward the LAN ports used by EDOPro and give your friend your IP to join in LAN mode.

2) You and your friends can set up a VPN, such as ZeroTier, so everybody is on the same virtual LAN. Then you should be able to refresh the LAN room list or connect to the IP provided by the VPN. Both players must have the custom card databases to see what the cards are, and the hosting player must have the card scripts.

Old .yrp replays work by re-enacting the actions performed in a duel, and how this happens is very specific to the version of the game core and scripts used. They frequently break with script updates, so older replays do not work. In contrast, new .yrpX replays record the results of actions in a duel, so they never break.

To report a card bug, post a detailed explanation in the card's respective bug report channel on our Discord server, preferably with a replay file of the bug occurring attached to your message. If you're unsure whether or not you have a replay of the bug, it's always a good idea to check the _LastReplay.yrpX file as it may be the replay you need.

If you don't have a replay, you can attempt to reproduce the bug offline and save the replay, by using the Test Hand option in the deck editor, or by playing in LAN against yourself (by opening two instances of the game) or against the AI, in which case you can arrange your deck to set up your starting hand, and enable the Don't shuffle Deck option when hosting the room to help speed up the process.

There are a couple of potential reasons for this:

1) Some cards have rulings that contradict the obvious interpretation of the card text.

2) There is a difference between how the card works in the OCG and how it works in the TCG. In order to maintain consistency, Project Ignis' card scripts are based on OCG rulings. This is because OCG rulings have full documentation while TCG rulings do not, and we are able to contact the OCG office to verify any unclear interaction, if needed.

We still use the most recent official English TCG card text in order to have up-to-date PSCT. Our card database uses text from Konami's official card database, and Yugipedia.

Our unofficial card scripts are primarily based on translations of the card text visible in the Japanese card proxy used, and not on how the card was used, or according to character dialogue, since it is not uncommon for the anime to not properly follow the OCG rules in some cases. For manga cards specifically, since the rules there are generally more loose, often having RPG elements associated with them, there is a bit more freedom in the interpretation of the effect.

When the card text is not fully available, we take care to research how a card should work. We do this because our unofficial cards are adaptations of the card effect into an OCG-like environment, and not an attempt to recreate the inconsistent and sometimes impossible antics of the source material directly.

To show Rush cards (and others like anime, manga, speed duel skills) check the "Alternate Formats" box in Deck edit. If you still don't find them, there could be problems with updates, with solutions listed in Q19.

If something is not advertised as a feature by us or described in a README, then it is not a feature. As a volunteer, open-source collaboration, we welcome community contributions via well-formatted pull requests on GitHub according to each project's contributing guidelines. We don't take feature requests or suggestions.

Invalid Deck usually pops up when you try to use a deck that has less than 40 cards in the Main Deck. If you're sure the deck has 40 or more cards then it could be a conflict between the server and client, meaning the card IDs in your game client don't match the ones in the server. This can occur when the game is having problems with automatic updates. Solutions to auto-update issues can be found below in Q19. Your deck can also be missing cards due to a passcode update, that happens when we change the status of a pre-release card to include its official passcode.

"[Card Name]" is not allowed usually pops up when the mentioned card is not allowed based on the banlist selected for that room. This could mean that your deck contains a card that is currently banned in the chosen banlist, or your deck contains multiple copies of it when the card is limited on that banlist, etc.

There are a few potential solutions for this:

1) Make sure you are running the latest version (39.2.0) of the game. The latest version is always available in downloads.

2) Close all running EDOPro instances, delete the repositories and puzzles/Canon collection folders in your game's folder, and then restart the game. You can see the progress of the automatic updates by clicking the Repositories tab in the upper left corner of the game's main menu.

3) There is an issue with SSL certificates that affects Windows Vista or older and certain Linux distributions. If you're on one of those operating systems, check the Repositories tab in the upper left corner, if you see an error that says The SSL certificate is invalid then you will need to get an external SSL certificate file here. Once downloaded, place the cacert.pem file inside your ProjectIgnis folder, make sure you only have one instance of EDOPro running, then drag and drop the cacert.pem file onto that EDOPro client window, it should then be set and the error should be resolved.

There are a number of reasons you may be unable to connect to the servers:

1) Make sure you are running the latest version (39.2.0) of the game. The latest version is always available in downloads.

2) EDOPro might not be allowed through your firewall. To allow a program through the Windows Defender Firewall (the default firewall on Windows); open the Windows search bar, type Control Panel and open it. Then, click on Windows Defender Firewall and select the Allow an app or feature through Windows Defender Firewall option on the top left. Click on Change Settings, find EDOPro on the list, make sure that the checkboxes are checked, and click OK.

3) Your antivirus might be preventing the game from connecting to the servers. Make sure that EDOPro is whitelisted on your antivirus; the process is different for every antivirus.

4) You are banned. You can appeal it by opening a ticket on our Discord server.

There are a number of reasons for this:

● Make sure you are running the latest version (39.2.0) of the game. The latest version is always available in downloads.

● Please be patient with image downloads if you have a slow internet connection.

● If you are using a public network, like from school or work, it's possible that they have blocked access to the image servers. Sometimes internet service providers also interfere.

● If your country is under a US technology embargo, you may not be able to connect to the image servers.

● Check if you're getting the issue 3 from Q19, if so, follow the steps there and restart the client.

● The Mac version had an issue with downloading card images, a patch for that issue can be downloaded here.

If all else fails, you can download the card images from this link.

There are a number of reasons for this:

1) You are missing a dependency. Go back and read the requirements carefully.

2) The selected AI deck contains cards not allowed by the current banlist or card pool. Try using "don't check deck".

3) You are trying to force the AI to play a custom rule. It only supports Master Rule 3 and later. You can force it to play in any rule by unchecking filter WindBots in the main settings but this is unsupported.

4) You can force the AI to use any Deck in your game's deck folder by selecting the Feelin' Lucky Deck Engine when adding an AI to your Duel. (NOTE: The AI will NOT know how to actually play them well though, an actual script for the deck is still required for that!)

If you're interested in contributing to the AI, you can go here.

Bastion is a free/libre and open-source Yu-Gi-Oh! card bot made by AlphaKretin#7990. More information about how it works and how you can add it to your server can be found in its help file.