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Please do not redistribute these download links. If you download the simulator from somewhere other than this website or our official Discord server, then we cannot guarantee its legitimacy or safety.

General system requirements

1 GB free disk space recommended for resource files, images, and automatic updates.

1 GB free RAM recommended, though EDOPro is not expected to exceed 300 MB of memory unless the restart button is spammed.


● Windows 2000 or later, 32-bit or 64-bit
● DirectX 9 or OpenGL 1.0+ supporting graphics driver
.NET Framework 4 to use the AI (pre-installed on Windows 10)


Select one of the following download options. They have the same features and customizability, but the installer is the easiest to set up and strongly recommended. Your antivirus may flag these downloads, EDOPro, or WindBot as malware, but these are false positives. Our software components are free/libre and open-source on GitHub.

Standard installer (64 MB)

MD5: 2c19b1279bd8d9aafd61491b989fde63

Download and run the above .exe to install to C:\ProjectIgnis. After it is finished, you should see shortcuts on your desktop and Start Menu.

Do not extract to a read-only location such as Program Files.

Self-extracting archive (62.4 MB)

MD5: 67f94f46078d5511d1ec219af1c3f64a

ZIP (83.4 MB)

MD5: 7364bb356b2b089fbe9e98b0babbd672

For advanced users only


● Universal binary (Intel and M1)
● macOS 10.9 or later
● OpenGL 1.0+ supporting graphics card
● For AI support, install Mono (either download option is fine)


Download and run the following. You may need to allow unidentified developers in your System Preferences or right-click and hit Open instead. After installation, you should see an EDOPro icon in Launchpad.

Installer (85.5 MB)

MD5: f4e61394b13963673b89f8c197e0e5fa


● 64-bit GNU/Linux with X11 or Wayland and glibc 2.27+ (e.g. Debian 10+, Ubuntu 18.04+, Fedora, CentOS 8+, rolling release distros like Arch)
● OpenGL 1.0+ supporting graphics driver (e.g. mesa 20.0.6+)
● For AI support, install the mono-complete package


1) Download and extract the .tar.gz to your preferred install location.

2) Optionally run ./ to create .desktop files for the current user's launcher. There should be no output if successful. Do not run as root (sudo/doas).

3) You can always start the game by running ./EDOPro from the extracted folder without desktop files.

Game folder .tar.gz (75.2 MB)

MD5: 8ce4c777ad481ab7dfebb73a7ced6691


Staff do not have Chromebooks so we are unable to assist further, but if you install a compatible Linux distribution on Chromebook, this binary may work.


● Android 4.1 "Jelly Bean" or newer

APK (140 MB)

MD5: 96b7dbe7eae09f654e01893b33648645